From now on, we will try to publish on the website testimonials of our customers with their agreement of course..

That’s why we are really happy to start the year with this one from one of our customers in Stuttgart : Mike

The idea with these testimonials is to give you all feedback from our customer through a short interview/discussion.

Wish you all a good reading 🙂

Mike as a fully satisfied customer

” The artwork is eye catching, vibrant, alive and elicits emotions” “The whole process exceeded all expectations”

Hello Mike, tell me about you ?

My name is Mike Yeo, I am 37 years old and I am actually working in Stuttgart Germany

What is your relation to art in general ?

Well, I started to buy some artworks a few years ago while I was rising but I would not describe me as an art expert.

How did you come to get a piece of art from us ?

I saw once saw your painting in a gallery while I was walking in the street. When I saw your red, I was drawn to it and the colors. A few month later, I was still thinking about it and was still captivated by the artwork as I never saw anything like this before. It really meant something to me and the emotion and curiosity remained. I started then to look online after your work as I did not ask at the time who the artist was.

How did you then find us ?

I started to do some online researches and ask some friends and by chance, a friend of mine knew the red and told me the name of Denis Lebecq. I decided to go on your website and send an email to ask for more information.

Could you please describe your buying experience ?

After sending the email, I got in touch with you Ange and I by chance we could meet directly in Stuttgart to discuss about the painting. From that, it has been a pleasure to discuss about Denis’ history and art and to discuss about the painting which would meet my needs.

Did the painting meet your expectations ?

It has been better than anything. I did not have much requirement regarding the painting as I think it is important to let the artist express its creativity. The custom piece suited perfectly the size I needed and for the rest it was just perfect.

Are you also satisfy with the shipping process ?

Extremely satisfy. From the time of purchase, the painting has been promptly delivered and during the timeline said. Everything was perfectly packed in a wooden crate and arrived in perfect shape.

How would you sum up the overall experience ?

The personal experience attached to the vibrant artwork touches the emotions and provides an added effect to the painting. The process was not just buying a painting but the personal experience that makes the artwork more meaningful.

Last but not least, would you recommend us ?

Trustworthy, all exceptions were exceeded and everything is as advertised. The artist goes above and behind to meet every requests.

Thank you Mike for your trust and your time it has been a real pleasure dealing and discussing with you.

The new website of the Lebecq Gallery

Océan bleu

After several months of reflection we have finally decided to develop our new website in order to offer you an even more enjoyable experience.

We completely redesigned the website with the help of Alexandre and Howard.

We hope you will enjoy the following changes:

We insist once again our the strong wish to offer you a quality experience thanks to this new tool and hope you will like it!

Finally, you will be able to directly access our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages and will be able to easily share your favorites of the moment with your friends.

We will of course remain at your disposal in case of any malfunction and will do our best to correct any problems as soon as possible.

We wish you a pleasant end of year party and our best wishes to you and your loved ones for the coming New Year.

See you soon,

The Gallery.

Our best wishes for the coming new year

Galerie en fêtes

The gallery wishes you a wonderful holiday season and lots of good things for the year 2020 to come!

On our side, this new year promises to be full of challenges! Our main desire is indeed to extend the visibility of the works presented in the gallery in France and abroad and for that we count on you, all of you who follow us regularly.

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